Friday, June 22, 2012

Never Lose your Sparkle- Self Esteem!

Children with special needs like my Boom often begin to realize or know that they are 'different' from other children.  It is something they may start to question and 'feel' from a young age or may begin a bit later in life.  Alexis began to sense she was 'different' somehow when she was about 10 {give or take a year}.  Frequent trips to the doctor, specialists, the need for OT, PT, speech therapies, numerous surgeries, the need for special shoes unobtainable from the corner mall, glasses, exclusion to the learning support classroom while 'mainstreamed' in school, countless meds taken on a daily basis are all just a sampling of things that take place in a SN Child's life that may leave them feeling as if they are under contant scrutiny and under the proverbial microscope. 

Even those with intellectual disabilities like Boom can have a strong sense of intuition- she just 'knows and feels' things that she perhaps cannot put into rational words.   Whether a child can express these feelings verbally or not does not mean they are not questioning their own self worth in comparison to others. 

Boom will be 16 in 10 days from today.  I have made it my life's mission to cherish, teach, and support this child in any way I can. I am very aware that many of Booms' same age peers {those without SN} are fighting their own internal battle with self esteem- this is a hard age for girls and boys despite having physical or intellectual disabilities.  At this moment, I watch my good friend's 'average' daughter suffering which breaks my heart; she seems so perfect, beautiful, and normal {for lack of a better word}!

So how do we as parents and educators learn strategies and techniques to battle low self esteem?  It is critical for the well being of all children; especially those who are aware of how their special needs
set them apart to help them cope and view themselves as the wonderful creatures they are.  So how do we do it?  I'll be discussing some of the ways I and others have worked to combat negative self esteem in the coming days.

It has been my purpose for the past 15 years and I have made it my life's mission so that my daughter and those like her...never dull their SPARKLE!

It is my hope to raise awareness {and in the near future- a 'Sparkle Fund' to benefit charities} for self esteem issues for children and adolescents with and without special needs.  We will discuss issues that effect our young peoples lives both positively and negatively.  A Haven for support for children and parents affected by special needs of all kinds!  I'll need your help... I am Looking for those who would like to share their story with us.  Do you have an idea or suggestion that you would like to share?  Perhaps a crafty way to help build up our kids?  Send them to me @ kimberlysminkey {at} yahoo {dot} com ASAP!  I"ll share them both here and on my other blog Tiaras and Bowties!

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  1. I think self esteem is probably the number 1 thing that all of us grapple with. I dont think I do a good job with my own self esteem or my I am looking forward to this new blog!
    Good job Kim!