Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Painted Sign for a Good Cause

A Good Cause... I love them, I try to help out when I can...secretly I've always wanted to start something myself in Boom's name...

A Legacy of sorts for my daughter... from my daughter... to benefit others.

Because of that wish, Never Lose your Sparkle was created.  Today I'd like to share a hand painted sign that I have been dreaming of and working on recently to honor my daughter and others with special needs!

If you read Tiaras and Bowties, then you already know Boom's Sweet 16 was yesterday!  You may have seen some of the old scrap book pages I shared from her 1st birthday oh so long ago, which to mommy, feels just like yesterday!  What strikes me in these photos is the wonderful smile she had then... her chubby little cheeks and that gorgeous smile, she lit up a room!  Boom had her trach from the age of 6 weeks to just over 2 years old and she was the happiest little girl.  We had our moments in the beginning where I admit, I wanted to roll over and just die from the stress, the hurt, the despair, the unending issues that seemed to plague our family.

With time, I was able to accept the life our family had been given... to really understand the blessing that God had bestowed upon our little family.  She never cried.  Oh sure, a whimper here and there... but she was not a fussy baby... despite all that she had gone thru.

That sparkle continues today.  We have our moments, our upsetments with each new diagnosis, test, or surgery but with prayer and support they always pass... and the Sparkle returns!

My dream is to set up a 'fund' of sorts to help other children keep their Sparkle thru this blog. 

The 'Never Dull Your Sparkle" sign is the beginning of that! 
50% of the sale of this sign will be placed into a fund so that other special needs or deserving children can benefit.

Yes, That's 50% of each sale!

A toy, a bike, a necessity... did you know that air conditioning is not just a luxury to a child with breathing or other medical issues... in my eyes it's a necessity- and there are those who are without and suffering.  A special bike can cost upwards of $2000... yes a bike!  All children should have the opportunity to experience the wind blowing wildly thru their hair while riding a bike.  A doll baby... I'm sure you've heard of the line of dolls recently made available for kids with cancer and other medical issues which make them lose their hair... I'd love to be able to send one to a deserving child whose parent can't afford it because of the hefty medical bills.  I could go on and on... I'm quite wordy, but I won't...

So details:

"Never let Anyone ever... dull your Sparkle" Hand painted Sign

* Slats of Pine grouped and cut to approximately 22x14 inches.

* Base painted in the color of your choosing and topped with a neutral color {shown: pink/white}
   lightly distressed for that perfectly imperfect look.

* Lettering is Hand Painted NOT vinyl or decal... in color of your choosing {shown: choc. brown}
   and lightly distressed.

*"Sparkle" Lettering, although hard to see in the photos, is painted in the color of your choice then

* Cost: $69 {plus shipping}... which means that $34.50 of your purchase will help a child sparkle!    The remainder will be used to purchase more wood and make more signs!!!

* Visit my Etsy shop at Kimberly Sminkey Designs to purchase or contact me via email!

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  1. Beautiful sign! Good luck with the fundraising. I'd love to contribute with a piece of my artwork too! Email me, let's talk. :-)