Friday, June 29, 2012

Building Up Buttercups!

Self esteem issues plaque all children no matter their sex, age, color, or ability.  Children with physical anomolies and other special needs are no exception.  As a matter of fact when a child has an outward appearance that is somewhat different from the norm it can seem as though these feelings of inadequacies are amplified and exaggerated.

Ms. A, just recently finding out she needs 2 hearing aids has had a semi catastrophic effect on her self esteem and anxiety level.  Hearing aids, while not nearly a life threatening crisis in themselves, have been my catalyst to really focus on building up the little buttercup and getting this blog off and running!  Adding hearing aids to her already full cup {short, chunky, glasses, full face, leg length and size discrepancy, feet deformity causing a need for special - not so pretty- shoes} has pushed this young teen into overload!

Source: via Kim on Pinterest
While much of what I write seems 'special need' based... it is my belief that all children need some help from time to time to shine!  My son, whom we lovingly refer to as 'Awesome' not because we are self centered or egotistical, merely because of a pronunciation issue and it stuck- often deals with self esteem or self value issues.  As a parent I am not lost to the fact that Boom receives and needs my attention alot which ultimately results in less time spent with and for Awesome. 

God said, "Let light shine out of darkness." He made his light shine in our hearts. It shows us the light of God's glory in the face of Christ.

It is my hope to let light shine here.  Whether special needs or not, everyone- everywhere, has a light... it is my dream to keep it sparkling!  That's where you come in my friend!  I want to hear from you!  I am looking for guest posters to contribute to this cause!  C'mon and represent!  You have something to add whether you believe that or not!  Share your story, share an inspirational moment, share an activity or a craft, share beauty tips... share an idea that boosts self confidence, self esteem, and empowers our youth to keep shining!

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